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The Great Global Warming Swindle
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Bonzo the Cat
Bonzo the Cat
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Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Mar 23, 2007, 10:16
Utterly correct Daminxa.

No matter whether the current temperature rise has anything to do with human activity or not. We got to think the other way around: it is a fact that we ARE polluting, or to put it objectively, producing massive amounts of substances that were not produced on such a scale before. So, INEVITABLY, it HAS to have an effect! Whether we know what this effect is or not, is beside the point, for 2 reasons:

Just as, frequently (unfortunately not always, see Softenon), products are not allowed on the market before their long-term effects are known, we simply cannot produce all this debris without wondering about POSSIBLE consequences.
Some would argue that humanity will come up with a solution anyhow, but I think this is dumb. If you don't know the consequences of actions, you should stop doing them instead of leaving possible consequences to generations to come.
I do admit that we have to watch out that we don't end up in a stagnating culture of fear, but one can be forward-driven WITHOUT eloping any responsibility for one's actions.

Related to (1), people on an individual scale have to re-start realizing that, even though they themselves have no immediate hassles due to their own debris and behaviour (in earlier days this was clearer; not that people acted accordingly), there IS individual responsibility. There IS something like overproduction, overconsumption, waste, debris, etc.

And now the most controversial bit: If it takes the (possibly false) global warming issue to shove the above message down people's throats, then so be it. Now of course all those democratic liberal free market let-the-world-balance-itself-out "realpolitikers" will tell me I'm an undemocratic ass. Well, I believe in a bit of enlightened despotism: think about how you can do good for the people in the long run, and tell them whatever bullshit you need to change their behaviour.

It's not that I don't think much of humanity or individuals; I just believe most people do not have or want to spend the time it takes to find out the truth or listen to the truth being explained.

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