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The Great Global Warming Swindle
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Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Mar 11, 2007, 22:03
Gosh, I never thought I'd be defending DarkMagus but here I go - I don't think he is trolling, and he has made some valid points that haven't been responded to.

Everything Daminxa said in their post was absolutely right and I agree with it, but it was restating the consensus decision rather that engaging with the current challenge. I think it really is important to see this documentary, and find counterarguments to the details (rather than attacks on those involved).

This film has had an effect on public opinion already and I think that influence will grow so long as there is no genuine rebuttal. Now, I understand why environmentalists have no desire for this, given the long frustrating history of denial from corporate-funded thinktanks and endless grind about the hockey-stick graph, etc. And I understand that now there's the impression that the 'debate is over', even the Bush govt have agreed etc, that there is no desire to put effort into futher fights with deniers.

But this film put forward, for the first time, a coherent argument against the importance of human-caused CO2. It was a well made film (far better than Monbiot's recent doc), and it sold a seductive message that people would want to believe - that the effort of cutting C02 won't make an effect on climate change, and that the global temperature will come down by itself when the sun calms.

Assuming that reducing human-caused CO2 will reduce global warming, then this film is very dangerous, as it could undermine public support and hence political will to make changes. However - working on the same principle that the experts are right, there should be people able and willing to argue why it is mistaken, and that's really what needs to happen. People should see this film and take it to pieces. At the moment though I'm only hearing attacks on those involved, and dismissals from people who haven't seen it, and that is helping its influence spread.

I'm curious as to what Monbiot writes about it, assuming he does. It would be very easy to criticise the messagers and not the message. I'm hopeful he'll skew the message.

Anyway - rant over!
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