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The Great Global Warming Swindle
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Edited Mar 12, 2007, 16:06
Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Mar 12, 2007, 14:52
DarkMagus wrote:

Quote:TBH, I don't know wy they go all out to deny it anyway, I'd really like to know that one.

That's an odd statement to make. Most of the contributors are scientists putting forward their interpretation of the data. That's their job!

shanshee-allures wrote:

It's actually on YouTube now, Daminxa.
Unfortunately, some of the contributors are from M.I.T and NASA, so say no more there.
There's this notion proposed that 'environmentalists' are some all powerful lobby that have the capacity to silence scientific opinion, as the green market is as big as coca cola or something (paraphrasing there).
In essence, the show initially juxtaposes its argument against images of the likes of Gerry Haliwell and student demos, and we know our young folk can be a bit 'daft' at times dressed up like giant mangoes etc so cheap victory shot there.
As far as the science goes, they do inform us rather compellingly of how our climate has changed naturally without the aid of cars etc, and at one point temperatures went down despite an increase in post wWWII industrial activity.
Now, it could be that as they're basing their knowledge of what's happened over millenia that they haven't gave man made CO2 a 'chance' yet. I think it's just a bit irresponsible to be so assertive as to what's happening regards man made c02 in the past 100 years when they have to gather the evidence otherwise over 'ages'.
TBH, I don't know wy they go all out to deny it anyway, I'd really like to know that one.

Reply to the rest of it, if you can. It'd be helpful, I've seen the programme. Have you?
Because you've actually quoted nothing from it! Perhaps you made your mind up on the basis of the title? Now, I don't think anyone's lying here, but they've based their science on 100 years or so of comparitive activity to the trillions it takes to monitor co2 otherwise. We all know how ethical they are over at MIT ans NASA, I mean they'd hardly have an agenda, would they? Some science is for the greater good but see Hiroshima, thalidomide etc to see how devatating it can be otherwise.
Don't get me wrong, you've posted the most controversial and therefor interesting thread here IMO!
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