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The Great Global Warming Swindle
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Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Mar 16, 2007, 16:50
Right, a lot of you will think: loony - idiot - fool.

I agree with Merrick and Grufty and think it was important to have this discussion. I learned a great deal. Thank you..

But, has anyone considered the 'chemtrail' theory? TIN FOIL HAT ALERT!
No, but really?

Could anyone benefit by manipulating the weather, and the direction of society? Of course. Government's a big business - and technology exists that permits alterations....

No, our governments love us - they wouldn't do that would they?

Yes, I'm aware some words instantly trigger "WACKO" warnings, but where I am I HAVE seen trails that stay in the sky longer than usual.

No, I'm not an expert but I'm not interested in playing with conspiracy ideas either. Just consider the possibility and look up at the skies.

Have a look at the pictures taken in Akron from this month.


And a 'doctor' writes,


No, there's no way of proving anything, but just permit yourself to consider that alterations could be occurring.

There are a few foolish types, disinfo types, who talk about it (I*ke and those who sully every topic they grab hold of), with the consequence that just mentioning it makes you a crackpot. Quite convenient.

If there are some 'chemicals' being added to the skies- might this alter the environment? Yes, I'm all for following peer reviewed journals, but we might do well to contemplate other sinister means.

And no I'm not completely convinced that something nefarious is occurring, but with the leaders we have: I wouldn't be surprised!

I'll be honest - I like the author Alan Watt who has written books on how this world is controlled by a very small group, and who gives free podcasts where he talks about global agenda's, culture creation, the trend towards the chip, etc.

Seems paranoid central, right?

Well, maybe. But listening to him has opened my mind to new possibilities, and he seems authentic...

He mentions chemtrails in his latest podcast. It's an interesting take, if nothing else.... and he ended his last programme with Leonard Cohen, which makes me recommened you check out the wonderful and fact-full, but frightening world of:

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