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another american beheaded.
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Re: another american beheaded.
Jun 30, 2004, 16:43
u r a reactionary right-winger? so wot the fuck is that if u come into the bar i'm drinking in an start a fight with sum scrawny brown guy that doesn't act the way you think he should.... aaaaannd he commences to kicking your ass... don't expect me to leave my comfortable spot with the cute bartender to come save your dumb ass... just cuz we both happen to be americans...

deux you really think i would, like, care if most of europe and russia for that matter (u really need better maps in ur classroom teach...) spoke german? and for the pedants in the cheap seats... jes, i'm aware that inglisia is a derivative of high german... yada yada yada... andywayz... u say that like it would be a bad thing... i've been to germany and it's quite nice actually, i know a sweet nice girl from hamburg... and... there would be no isreal... so that would be one less thing to piss off the muslims... i mean, like i had this argument with michael in ealing... it's like, u-know, it's like a sunday afternoon and we're hanging on the beach w/ da babe's drinking mai-tai's and these japanese fucks start blowing the hell outta the place... well, it's not like we got into it to stop the germans... so exactly wot is ur point, or do u even have one, other than the top of ur head i mean, dexter...

given the circumstances under which "all of the folks who came here - voluntarily" u mean, like, the irish and the potato famine? i quite think that, should the bowels of hell have opened before them they would have gone volutarily... i love the chapelle show which has him in tradtional african dress/garb with two other black guys in an obviously african settingi, and he sez "hey it's a boat full of white people, let's go see what they want..." cracks me up everytime...

and incidentally, having lived on or near a reservation most of my life i'm well aware of the hardships which my people have sufferd at the hands of the conquestidors and later the blue eyes...
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