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another american beheaded.
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Re: White House Rant
Jun 29, 2004, 19:07
Soz to interrupt, but that's a damn fine point about GW there AQ.

It's easy to forget that his primary purpose is to serve as a target for popular opinion, whether good or bad. He is in other words, a figurehead, puppet even. The fact that he seems a bit less than endowed with greycell wherewithall than would seem prudent, probably makes him all the more effective in this role.

The blighters behind him are the ones who get away with more tricks than they othrwise would, if they didn't have lil' George to distract and deflect anger. They should be pointed out, as they will still be there, even after he has gone, and they'll be preparing the next media delivery mechanism (i.e. Presidential candidate).

My heart goes out to all americans who feel their govt's actions reflect upon them. It must feel even like shit than if you helped vote Labour in over here. we voted for the buggers cos we thought they wouldn't do the war thing. But at least we can say like America can, that we, as a population didn't deliver a mandate for this kind of behaviour in our names. But, unfortunately, as has been ponted out here recently, that argument won't cut the mustard with an enraged muslim who has just seen his children die in agony.

We should not have wars. Full stop. End of fucking story.

I'm getting gloomy now, off to distract mesell with old rocks. Old rocks don't start wars.
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