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Re: The God Damned Status Quo
Jun 30, 2004, 04:36
"And being against something for its own sake is very unsatisfying in these times."

In any time.

"I'm looking for baby steps to something better, 'cos the "revolution" is not coming any time soon."

Hmmm. I thought voting Labour would be the lesser of two evils. Yet all we got was more of the same. Better in some ways (primarily the implementation of a minimum wage, which raised the standard of living for millions) but worse in others (Iraq, xenophobic immigration policies, privatisation of bodies that even Thatcher didn't dare meddle with)

Back in the 1980's I was part of a left wing group within the Labour Party. They had some success for a while, but Labour's response was to close down their radical youth section, and expel left-wingers from the party. Hence the shift rightwards into power.

But anyway, I suppose what I disagree with the above statement is that it leads to no change, a misguided belief in a corrupt political system, and ultimately apathy. Perhaps if the government removed ordinary working peoples right to vote, the revolution would indeed occur.
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