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another american beheaded.
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White House Rant
Jun 29, 2004, 16:42
I have been reading some of Lawrence's comments and must say that some of them are far too rash and light, not usual on this website. In fact, though I can't say I quite like Bush, I would enjoy having a chat with him meself - he is so plain and simple that I would instantly love him. It is just that he should never have been allowed to get out of his ranch and get near such an influential place as the White House. It is however the sinister politicians with dangerous ideas around him like Rumsfeldt or Cheney that would rather invite comparisons with Rasputin and other hated evil historical figures. The end of the line for me was when I saw a picture of the torture device he approved of by which a naked prisoner is introduced head down in a bucket of water and allowed to 'near drown'.

Middle Ages or what!!!

We freely call some radicals Islamic 'fundamentalists' but there IS such a thing as Christian fundamentalism. I just do not believe that the people spouting out patriotic vitriol hand-on-chest spiced by words like 'freedom' or 'democracy' are the ones to be trusted. Letting them run the show in such a despotic way or even supporting the toppling of a dictator in such an aggressive manner is only giving them MORE power the next time around. Because if people in the US approve of getting rid of a dictator by forgetting the victims, the numbers of arabs joining al qaeda right now or the long term consequence then they will bloody well do it again - it is the neo-cons' favourite milieu, like a fish in water. That's why I think they should be stopped. Anything that gives them credibility after such a horrible fiasco is dangerous as hell in my book. As for Moore (who you mention before), at least he is the only person able to send a message to the masses slightly different from the usual one-sided CNN / Freedom Radio patriot-act-bounded media or even reach those who have never seen a documentary in their lives before or been subject to a tiny bit of critical debate. In a vast country like the States, that can only be a good thing as anything vaguely critical will never reach those good people living in limbo.

The thing that you and I and all sensible people have in common is that we all want a positive change in the world. Wars driven by the economy are only in the interest of those fiercly holding on to a 1950s fossil fuel economy instead of forward-thinkingly embracing the alternatives. Wouldn't it be great if we did not have to depend on the middle east for oil? I wonder if there would even be a reason for Al Qaeda to exist. Perhaps terrorism is the alter-ego of the Bush administration - one depends on each other for their survival.


Hope all is well.

PS Any news of a Harmonium Boxset part 2.
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