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another american beheaded.
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the past and the present
Jun 29, 2004, 12:12
"So.... should Hussein have been removed? If you think not, then I have a hard time considering you a serious person. If so, then by what method? "

Prevention is the main problem. To correct the wrongs of previous american foreign policy is hard as hell (because it was so goddamn disastrous), and still those who oppose that policy are allowed to still oppose the war, aren't they? Or does the rest of the world have to agree simply because a dictator has been toppled by the same people who were shaking hands with him some time before? You say it is time machine thinking but I refuse to *forget* which is precisely what the US government is trying so hard to achieve. Seems like torture in Abu Grabe or Guantanamo had never happened now. What Rumsfeld should have done is apologise and resign (Nixon did). What Bush should do now is apologise and change foreign policy in the middle east in regards to israel. What makes me tired, as opposed to you, is precisely the opposite - people like Bremer reminding us now of the PAST - the torture chambers of Saddam Hussein and how many people were killed during his regime. So do not accuse people like Moore of the same tendency to use the past in his arguments.

It is great that a dictator is gone but would you nuke the North Korean headquarters so as to get rid of the other evil-doer? The means would be different but the effects (100,000 innocents dead) are the same. When the cost of lives is so high then a war is surely questionable. Or perhaps the US gov were too naive to believe their smash and destroy campaigns would last longer than last summer (remember bush in may 2003) and wouldn't create secondary effects (widespread terrorism) and a backlash stronger than before...
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