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another american beheaded.
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double standards
Jun 29, 2004, 11:37
"with this aside, i still find EVERYTHING that led to the u.s. invasion into iraq totally preposterous. the u.s.a didn't just go in there to free to good folks of iraq from saddam hussein. trust me. there's other motives and they are hidden behind the huge flag being waved in the name of "democracy."

this is precisely what makes most of the human race (apart from those americans who live unaware of the rest of the world) feel disgusted by america and its cynical double standards. then americans wonder 'why? isnt it a good thing that saddam is gone?' without bothering to dig a little bit deeper. the rest of the arabs are pissed off, terrorism is worse than ever before and what is MUCH worse, american image abroad is the worst its ever been, and not only in arab countries, also in any other democratic countries. Blair and Berlusconi are not representing public opinion in their countries. Isn't THIS a good reason to be against the war now that it is well known around the world that American torture chambers are exactly the same as Saddam's torture chambers?
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