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another american beheaded.
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Re: another american beheaded.
Jun 29, 2004, 16:22
"But Lawrence you think Bush, Kerry and everyone who votes republican or democratic is the same as Saddam "
that's plainly ridiculous, that is not what he is saying at all.

It's also pretty misleading to say you have more rights in America than elsewhere - I think really you mean you have more money than people who live elsewhere, and this gives you the 'right' to live the extravagant lifestyles that capitalism promotes.

The press isn't as free as you think - you rarely read truly subversive things in newspapers or watch programmes about them on the tv. If things like that are shown huge investors / promotors pull out their money. You mention Noam Chomsky - he is shouted down viciously all the time. For goodness sake, even something as patently obvious as global warming is denied vigorously by the american government, and surely any paper supporting the government also toes the line on issues such as that one?

What impression do we the public in the UK get of 'The Americans'? It isn't one of people like Laurence, though Laurence is hardly alone in his views. There are plenty of intelligent liberal thinkers in America, but that is NOT the impression you get over here, you'd think (maybe more so before, obviously) that everyone was pro Bush and his war. And that is surely to do with the impression the media in the USA and the UK put out.

the USA has repeatedly ignored international law and agreements on fundamental issues of human rights, if you want to talk about rights. What about capital punishment in the USA? for an example. And what's the use of supposedly giving your own people all these rights and then treating citizens of other countries like they're nothing? How many countries has America interfered with or bombed in the last 20 years? What about what's going on at Guantanamo Bay - holding those prisoners without trials or legal representation for like 2 years?

Sometimes don't you have to take a detached view of your own country? Or would you be considered 'Anti American' and have to be thrown oout for being a traitor? It#s like the anti communism years.

Er. Just some thoughts. Probably far too overreactionary, but I got annoyed by your first sweeping statement. Sorry.
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