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another american beheaded.
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Re: another american beheaded.
Jun 29, 2004, 16:28
Yeah, OK maybe there are rights, or 'freedom'. But I find it hard to trust a government that tortures and ruins lives elsewhere, or trains other armies to do it. There used to be a bumper sticker that said "no-one is free when others are oppressed." Or something like that, it was long ago.

It just disgusts me when someone like Quex starts saying good things about a slimy right-wing president. I don't need to hear that the Iraqi war was a 'success' -- it wasn't!

Maybe I just don't trust authority at all. i wouldn't feel that way if that disgusting massacre of priests in El Salvador happened. When someone confronted George H. B. Bush about it he just cruelly laughed at him. And he didn't answer my letters about it. So I don't want to hear how GWBush is 'good', 'double-plus-good', or 'not evil'. I don't believe it.
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