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another american beheaded.
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Re: another classic example
Jun 29, 2004, 12:29
sorry, ishould have read further about your worries. as I said before, the US and the UK should have continued along with the UN, it wouldn't have created the backlash against them it has created. A war fought under the UN (if it had happened) would have been very different, and it definitely wouldn't have created the reaction in irak it has created. It is the preposterous and ludicrous attitude shown by the americans that has made far more enemies than ever before, as well as encouraged terrorists to get into that country. It is almost cartoon-like in the way it has been carried out and yet it has all been a real mess, not speaking of the ludicrous photos of tortured prisoners by the supposed 'defenders of freedom' which are a sign of something much deeper than 'just a bad apples'. The current US gov has done more damage to the States in the long term than anything else. It is obvious that Saddam Hussein could JUST NOT fight a war with anyone - the country was in ruins and there were no big weapons whatsoever. It would have been easy for a UN-led inspection or an even possible invasion to put pressure or even topple him with a much lesser counter-reaction from the insurgents. What I am convinced of is, the US should never again be allowed to carry out such monstrous attacks unilaterally on other countries supposedly in the name of 'freedom', as if they own the word. Most people who still believed in their actions are now disappointed.
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