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another american beheaded.
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I just realised something...
Jul 01, 2004, 02:03
OK, maybe I've turned others off due to my behavior today... Maybe I should not have gotten into this fight here. But something I just realised here.

I think the real problem w/ Quex is that he obviously has an agenda based on fear. I noticed this guy calls himself a 'secular humanist' who supports the Iraq war because he obviously fears Islamic fundamentalism (understandable) but seems to think that the war serves to enforce his own secular agenda.

That is why he reacted to Death In June probably. He fears anything that looks nazi on the surface for the same reason he fears Islamic fundamentalism. But ya know something? As much as he claims to be against Bush his agenda is no different except his agenda is secular. I think he makes the mistake of agressively forcing change on others with malignant beliefs, or whatever beliefs he thinks are dangerous. So he agrees w/ this war that costs alot of innocent lives and has involved torture because he thinks it will force Iraqis to follow his secular model. The same way the US tried to enforce it's capitalist agenda on nations such as Chile. No different from how Pinochet feared Communism and thus enforced his fascist model on his citizens through brutality.

Frankly the whole of 'secular humanism' disgusts me as it is no different from Christianity itself. And Quex doth not sound different from those evangelical x-tian fundies. It comes right down to pushing an agenda on other people. Of course I'm a pagan and have no interest in converting anyone in any way -- surely not through brutality.

I ain't a fascist, but Quex sure sounds more fascist than me. (Does anyone really think I have anything against Jews BTW?) He probably makes the same mistake as the ARA in thinking attacking people at DIJ gigs will stop fascism, when just communicating that racism/anti-Semetism is wrong would be more effective.

Funny that he hated my analogy to Hitler -- I wasn't saying that Bush=Hitler, just that his followers seem to be the blind 'Good Germans' that followed Hitler, except apparently more ignorant.

Frankly I realised I made the mistake of responding to Quex -- I'm pretty sure he's got more attacks cooked up. But that doesn't matter as I now see right through him.
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