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another american beheaded.
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Re: another american beheaded.
Jun 27, 2004, 05:50
I suppose the invasion of Iraq had nothing at all to do with Hussein being a fascist dictator who defied UN resolutions for at least ten years, tortured his own people, harbored terrorists,tried to buy nukes from North Korea, gave pensions to the families of suicide bombers, and was an all round menace to the world?

It's just that Bush is a really bad guy...

So, are all the stories about Saddam just stories that the evil US and GW cooked up to make him look bad so they could go steal his oil?

Or are they true, and they just don't matter, because after all, they're entitled to their eccentric differences of culture and the people of Iraq really like that sort of thing?

Or are they true, and it doesn't matter because fascism is acceptable?

By the way, I despise GW, I think he's a fucking buffoon, that his election occurred under at least questionable circumstances, that he's a stooge to big business, and all the rest. But the ousting of Hussein would have been a good thing whether it happened under him, or Clinton, or the first Bush, or whoever.
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