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another american beheaded.
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Annexus Quam
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Jul 02, 2004, 08:30
But she's made a point for me.

I am always surprised by the obstinate willingness to deny the genocide in American history and blame it on the English or the Spanish. Even though European history is plagued by massacres and genocide, debate has been very intensive in many countries (eg post-war Germany or 1492-1992 in Spain) whereas the same ridiculous myths continue to circulate in the minds of Americans. I am also amused by the response to the assertion that there are virtually no native Americans left in North A. thanks to an almost total-replacement-post-cleansing and that most Latin Americans are overwhelmingly native (eg Peru or Bolivia) or mixed/half-native (eg Mexico). You even get the usual beer-in-pub-induced response from time to time: 'that's because we North Americans were cleverer'.

Also, I still wait in vain for someone to explain to me clearly the reasons that make the US the archetypical Land of the Free (honest). Not the Patriot Act, I guess. It is not unusual to hear the trite 'we are better than Germany 1933'. Is it that you can 'buy almost anything' there? (like in Harrods) or is it because you can 'do anything you want' (even if you are black). I ask because I have heard the opposite from people living or moving there.
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