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The Monkees ?
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: The Monkees ?
Oct 29, 2010, 06:25
I'm not sure I'm gonna just sit back and nod along to comments about how current music is getting worse and worse.

Today's kids have better taste than ever. I bet children are weirding their muso parents out the world over with their internet-schooling. Everytime I'm playing something like Caetano Veloso at the shop I work at, some kid comes up to the counter knowing exactly what it is. No way in hell would that have happened ten years ago. And most of the crowd at gigs I've seen recently like Throbbing Gristle and Daniel Johnston have been around sixteen/seventeen.

I remember reading Caesar's commentaries and seeing a passage where he bemoans the younger generation and how the world will go to seed when they're put in charge etc. It's a total empty (and natural) gesture to comfort yourself in your redundancy.

Even the chart music isn't all that bad if you sit back, relax- stop squirming!- and just listen with open ears.

Of course, the fact that the scene is so splintered makes it a little harder to find new acts that stand out, but it also means that there are dozens of bands out there who cater to exactly your sensibilities- it just requires a little bit of effort on your part to scout them out.

Thanks to illegal downstealing, the lines between genres are being knocked down. New musicians are absorbing everything at once and incorporating it into their new sounds. Personally, I think this is one of the most exciting periods of music in a long time, but I guess it's easier to have a whinge than actually listen to it. ;)
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