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The Monkees ?
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Edited Oct 30, 2010, 12:32
Re: enough is enough
Oct 30, 2010, 12:29
The Sea Cat wrote:
IanB wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
To be fair Ian, D1 often starts the trouble in the first place, completely unprovoked. However, I do agree. We should walk on by.

Om Shanti.

I don't want to get involved in he-said-she-said but I think what started this specific thread detour was Dodge expressing an eye-brow cocked opinion about revisionist attitudes to pop music, throwing in some facts along the way, and the first response to his comment ended up with him basically (if indirectly) getting called a snob in return. Then all hell breaks loose. He's no angel in this but if people insist on pouring fuel on the fire ....

It is sometimes hard to gauge where someone's coming from on the net, but I personally have found some of his initial posts on threads to be automatically combatative as if there's a personal agenda going on re. HH and its contributors. That sets up a loop as some people will automatically respond to what they sense as agression. That's a perfectly understandable reaction IMO, and not pouring fuel on the fire. If you and I were having a friendly conversation face to face in a pub about music, and we didn't agree about something, I believe it would be relaxed and friendly, after all, it's only Rock and Roll as you say. With D1, I often get the impression in his posts that if he were to join in with this hypothetical conversation, his would be an attitude of squaring up to you, finger jabbing etc. I have nothing personal against the man whatsoever, but I do get that distinct impression unfortunately.

You are rarely if ever less than reasonable in what you post. It was a good thread. It went bad. That it want bad is down to various people taking the bait and not crossing the proverbial street.

If you are right in what you say and Dodge is basically a troll then he must be pissing himself as he only has to twitch a Classic Rock muscle and everyone piles in ruining the vibe.

I acually thought there was nought wrong with Dodge's first posting in this particular thread. I thought Squid's reply was leaning towards the unnecessarily personal (the whole snobbery thing). Squid is a totally resonable and companionable human being in my experience so presumably this was a follow up to previous battles.

Whatever the root cause just take it "outside", take it to e mail, take into U-Know but don't poison a special resource with a load of name calling under the cloak of secrecy. If a flame war (that's a vile expression to start with) breaks out then at very least everyone else should try and stay out of it.

Either way if anyone's posts turn objectionable then just ignore them. Unlike real life isolating an on-line bully with silence takes all the oxygen out of the problem. Fact is that none of these conversations would happen in real life or get to the level of nastiness we've seen since the Two Erics thread in particular.

As an aside I would say that even in a free unmoderated environment people should get suspended from the site for spouting objectionable crap. That's not political correctness that's just common fucking courtesy.
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