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The Monkees ?
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Re: The Monkees ?
Oct 30, 2010, 00:49
dodge one wrote:
I think it's just got to be an Anti-American bias that's afoot here.
I just can't help but notice that so few Americans care to post here with any real regularity.
Or are outright snubbed altogether.

Dodge, I think you know that's not true. I have never seen one single piece of evidence of that on this site.

Playing the victim card is not going to wash Dodge, when you systematically attack people and then cry that you're the victim. I have stayed out of all of this (yet again) because I really dislike the atmosphere you're (yes, you Dodge) causing on this site. I have no beef with you personally, but to say that people's comments to you are based on Anti-Americanism is blatantly not true - people respond to your aggression because you are being aggressive, not because you are American.

It's a cycle that is becoming really depressing - you're ruining my favourite internet site with a personal crusade where you are FAR from the victim. I have watched your posts ever since I joined Head Heritage and have frequently found you to be needlessly aggressive towards people that really don't deserve it. You are extremely quick to take offence and even quicker in lashing out back. I'm not trying to be personal, merely point out a behaviour cycle of which you may be unaware.

I know you have a 'shitlist' and that this post probably puts me on it, and that's a shame.

Now PLEASE can we stop all this bickering and talk about the one thing we ALL care about - music.
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