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The Monkees ?
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Re: enough is enough.
Oct 30, 2010, 16:31
IanB wrote:
machineryelf wrote:
That's going to make for a very boring forum, you can discuss rock n roll and nothing else, and then only in a reasonable manner without disagreement.
I think this thread for example is great, this part of the thread is a marvellous diversion
sidetracks to emo, what more could you want, the possibilities are endless so why straitjacket to a one topic per thread , no digression, no diversion mode
It's easy enough to filter out what you don't want & I'm sure we don't need to unload excess ballast onto U-know

True. I take the U-Know comment back and apologise for any offense. As I say ignoring post designed to enrage is the easiest way to see this kind of thing off.

I am not arguing against diversions (I love a debating detour) I am arguing against pointless name calling and general ugliness which I still believe is about politics at heart. Some people who love outsider rock n roll (or art in general) have a profoundly conservative outlook and see no contradiction. There has to be a degree of live and let live if we are to keep this civil.

Oh dear, I feel the need to reply in case you think I've taken offense. I agree with you in principle , but every now and then something annoys people, it like barking at your kids, you know it's wrong but sometimes you just do it.
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