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The Monkees ?
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The Sea Cat
The Sea Cat
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Edited Oct 29, 2010, 10:30
Re: The Monkees ?
Oct 29, 2010, 10:30
IanB wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
Serious question: what on earth is EMO ?

How long have you got. V broad church but it is defined by haters as being the young cousin of 80s Goth. Though that is only half the story as it is, from what I see, as much a cultural and social thing as a musical genre and owes a fair bit to the Wahington Punk scene culturally. Though belongs to a much more melodic lineage than that in indie rock terms.

Also see Screamo and Emcore!

I love Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil and The Cocteaus but that's as far as anything remotely goth-ish for me. I've absolutely no frame of reference re. Washington Punk scene (?) but I suspect that it's probably not for me.
Why is it called EMO ? Screamcore and Emcore sound rather dull, surly and pimply to me, whatever they are.
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