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The Monkees ?
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Re: The Monkees ?
Oct 28, 2010, 16:46
Squid Tempest wrote:

What is wrong with people re-assessing the past? Sometimes cultural associations and myths lead to incorrect assumptions. I know, for example, that I hated Japan because I met them in their early days and they were rude, so I never took their music seriously. It was only years later after much prodding from a big Japan fan that I re-listened and realised I liked what I heard. We all make mistakes.

And this is re-assessment I think, rather than revisionism. It matters not a jot whether you were born or not then - I was born then, and old enough to remember the big Beatles/Monkees rivalry between young fans at the time over here in the UK. That dosn't mean things can't be re-assesed. To say anything else smacks of snobbery to me.

Would tend to agree since we're not living at the time and there are somewhat reliable sources around for setting the scene that whatever music was made in if one's interested in that side of things.
But the validity of music would surely have to be something that was a lot more timeless. It's whether or not it speaks to one's current context and own past associations that make it live far more than what it meant at the time.

The better material is likely to cross the barrier of time I'd think, though so often the cheesier stuff does too to some extent.

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