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The Monkees ?
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dodge one
dodge one
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Re: The Monkees ?
Oct 29, 2010, 23:45
NOT AT ALL dear boy.
When you stop to consider that at least half the posts that i've ever made here were to fend off cheap pot-shots......
Fairly low rate of intended posts indeed.
I think it's just got to be an Anti-American bias that's afoot here.
I just can't help but notice that so few Americans care to post here with any real regularity.
Or are outright snubbed altogether.
I am certain, at this point, that the only thing that i am guilty of is non-capitulation.
Thats not gonna happen. It's something that goes back in my ancestry i think.....ya know....hereditary memory of my forebears soundly whipping the redcoats ass's en masse.
You silly lot just never got over that beating you all took.
Your pretty redcoats and stiff upper lip resolve were just no match for our ragtag and ill spelling lot.
Get Over It.
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