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I'm so confused.....
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Captain Starlet
Captain Starlet
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Re: I'm so confused.....
Nov 22, 2015, 22:12
sanshee wrote:
Captain Starlet wrote:

Interesting that.

In many Christian churches around the world veiling is still in practice, and apparently making a bit of a comeback in the UK too. An ex girlfriend and I paid a visit to Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence where she was asked to veil.

I always find it interesting that many in the west complain about Muslim women wearing the veil/head covering and yet don't complain about nuns for doing the same thing!

Your ex girlfriend was 'asked' to veil? How did you feel about that? How did she feel about that? Any dress requirements of the blokes?

Anyways, I do think most of the objection is to the face coverings, I certainly do not feel comfortable seeing that, and where I am rarely do.

In part for the same reason I do not like to see someone wearing a hoody to the point you can hardly see their face, or if someone walks into a shop wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Of course there is an element of feeling that person is drawing up a barrier, certainly would be difficult to gauge a smile from someone.

We all like to do that, don't we? We don't get a smile back we just think 'ah well' and then forget about it.

I find the face covering socially alienating tbh.

Any other religious garb (including the nun's head covering) doesn't really bother too many people I think.

I don't think people even think about other religious head coverings. I can't say it's an intentional thing to question someone who wears a veil/head covering as I can't speak for everyone but we here I suppose like to see what a person looks like and if their friend or foe, so to speak. With a facial covering we don't get that opportunity, however I think a huge part of the problem there is we can't grasp the concept that to many who have a facial covering see us as speaking with the eyes and it's them that show a persons intent and meaning. We obviously grew up with a different concept so I suppose it's not easy to understand. I have problems understanding it myself however I don't feel uncomfortable when I see someone with their face covered, I think some part of it is how we're socially engineered, for won't of a better term.

No I didn't have a problem with it, and my ex is Roman Catholic so she wasn't bothered either. I was more surprised it was asked if anything as I'd never experienced it before with someone, but neither of us had a problem with it as we wanted to see the place and respected their beliefs.
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