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I'm so confused.....
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: I'm so confused.....
Nov 14, 2015, 22:53
Not to mention that we're still feeling the ripples of things like Britain razing Iraqi villages to the ground, killing every last person and animal, for daring to ask us for independence some decades ago. We utterly refuse to see past the present event, the latest headline, into the old events and old headlines upon whose foundation the present is built. Terrorists are clone stormtroopers who emerge out of the womb fully activated. No, the world stage is a decidedly small one where every event affects the whole cast, and we've helped set the scene with a series of disastrous decisions borne of colonialism and single-minded avarice.

The Middle-Eastern death toll at the west's hands is astronomical. And that's at the hands of fully-sanctioned governments. You don't just snuff out millions of lives through various meddlings and Carthaginian slaughterings without consequences. We're reaping our rewards now. Dylan's Masters Of War nailed it 50 years ago.
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