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I'm so confused.....
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Re: I'm so confused.....
Nov 16, 2015, 19:55
Captain Starlet wrote:
billding68 wrote:
Captain Starlet wrote:
and AGAIN you ignore the part of my post that show you wrong.

You do this often, as soon as you're proven wrong you immediately resort to insults and abuse, which is a shame as you'd probably learn something!

how is my reply saying its interesting that YOU as a Muslim are defending the terror attacks as we should not have attacked them first? how is that an insult?it is what you said...how is it Abuse to question your allegiance to radical Islam if you make statements against the west inferring that we had it coming for our deeds? don't try to switch this around its YOU who is skirting the issue..Its YOU who said that we should not have done this or that to them. WE do not behead them WE do not walk into their town squares a commit suicide bombings...WE do not say WE are just because our God is commanding us to kill. You are the one who is skirting the issue here jack not me. Beware U.K. coming to a town near you a fat man in a cape who believes WE deserve what Radical Islam does to our children.

It's insulting that you can't even hold an adult conversation and respect the opinions of others, respect any point that proves you wrong. Anything you can't answer you wither ignore or resort (once again) to your base level. Instead you just resort to a childish level of stamping your foot and throwing insults and abuse about. Do you take that sort of behaviour from your own children?

Again, as you've chosen to ignore the points, and links I provided earlier which show how ignorant you are of this subject any point you're going to make is completely invalid and worthless.

If you decide you are able to discuss anything at an adult level feel free to let me know. In the mean time I'm really not going to bother wasting any more time on you.

Exhibits A and B. Both posted within the last 24 hours or so.

'Talk of Irony
Assholes like you spouting your shit on a website by an anti Islamic thinking youre so clever and not realizing the founder of the website youre on is against the very thing your trying to protect.(idiot) I'm hoping the terror hits your own home soon we will see how you will change your tune you fucking piece of garbage. BTW one of the dead is from my own hometown here in California. So the chances of these fuckers hitting near you is just as likely I only hope its someone you hold dear to your heart or perhaps it will happen to you that would be just a good. Go fuck your self you mother fucking pussy ass cocksucker.'

'Asshole other than Douche boy who have I EVER called a troll? Who you lying scumfuck? No one that's who! Don't run around as though an authority on what ive said. Stupid lying fucker.If I so freely Trot the word troll out when people disagree with me than prove it! fucking shit for brains people often disagree with me and I respect that,when they have a point that is. Doucheboy is in fact a TROLL with very little to offer other than taunting people out of the room like he did to Lawrence. Doucheboy is just that a fucking TROLL and you sir are an idiot.'
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