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I'm so confused.....
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Captain Starlet
Captain Starlet
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Re: I'm so confused.....
Nov 14, 2015, 19:55
They couldn't have to comment about anything! Where's the apology for Christian atrocities in the past? Does the church/Pope need to apologise for Westboro or the KKK? I think it's an atrocious and irrelevant point to suggest that muslim groups have a duty to speak out, it displays a huge level of double standards and hypocrisy here in the west that people feel that Muslims should be speaking out. Well the truth is they are, there's countless posts on social media from Muslims basically being apologetic for something that's nothing to do with them, there's Muslim leaders around the world condemning these attacks, because if they don't come idiot's going to accuse them of not doing enough and (most likely) supporting terrorism!

Problem with you saying that it's not enough is when will you decide what's enough? I seriously doubt anything will be because you've already made your mind up to be anti Islam. So I could post a hundred links on here and you'll ay the same thing!

So, as a non Christian can I have my apology for Britain First, IRA, the Inquisition, the Crusades...?
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