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I'm so confused.....
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Edited Nov 14, 2015, 17:12
Re: I'm so confused.....
Nov 14, 2015, 17:11
carol27 wrote:
billding68 wrote:
carol27 wrote:
thispoison wrote:
On a night like this I'd happily see every Mosque in Europe bulldozed. Maybe a more measured response later.

Overall, though, I am with Julian in his hatred of Islam. Not a view I have come to without some soul-searching. Sorry if that offends any well-meaning but impotent liberals in these parts.

Not that I side with our glorious political leaders and their actions in the Middle East which have made their own unique and malign contribution to current events. But I was over in Paris in 1995, and Islamic terrorists were killing people there even then. Well before 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Plus ├ža change.

Jihadi John died far too painlessly. Hilariously, I have heard that Jeremy Corbyn would have preferred his arrest and trial. Words fail me on that view...

BTW, the ones to feel sorry for are the poor bastards who just went out on a Friday night to enjoy themselves and didn't make it home. And their families and friends.

So, what do you suggest we do?

Abolish Islam from the Western world completely. Islam is not a faith of peace but of Aggression. Islam teaches to lay in wait until the time is right and destroy your enemy at any cost. Islam teaches that those who submit to Allah's will and sacrifice themselves will be rewarded. Islam is a cancer. Would the western world be worse off if Islam was no longer a threat? Give them Somalia, build a wall around it, and let them destroy themselves.

Sorry I don't actually know how to begin responding to that.

Truth is not always civilized or Politically correct I'm afraid...Its either destroy them or allow this to continue, unless you have a better idea? Group hugs maybe ? sing a longs? what you tell me... Wait a tick I know...lets blame ourselves ! yeah that's the answer!
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