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I'm so confused.....
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Captain Starlet
Captain Starlet
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Re: I'm so confused.....
Nov 22, 2015, 14:01
IanB wrote:
Captain Starlet wrote:
billding68 wrote:
Julian Cope said....
The return of incredibly patriarchal religions. I don’t mean that about Islam because everyone knows I’m totally anti-Islam.
He is also anti Christianity to be fair but all you protectors of the faith of Islam you do realize that you are at a site that is dedicated to a man who is a Against the religion of Islam...Right? So by supporting Mr. Cope you are helping support his anti Islam agenda(haha) so for that I thank you. Perhaps some of you did not realize this again Julian said...
The return of incredibly patriarchal religions. I don’t mean that about Islam because everyone knows I’m totally anti-Islam.

I'm fully aware of Cope's opinion of Islam, it's not an opinion I take seriously as I don't consider his opinion to be an educated or expert one. I studied religion to gain an educated and unbiased opinion of religious ideas. So although Cope's perfectly entitled to his opinion on religion I'm more than happy to discuss religion as it may enlighten someone who believes it's responsible for all the world's ills

It wasn't / isn't just Islam. In the key Drudion he expressed a fear of the infections of intolerance (mainly misogyny and homophobia, things unknown in rock 'n' roll apparently) allegedly carried by eastern Europeans in general. That's where he lost me. Last decade or so he's morphed into this post punk Julie Burchill. Except in his case I am not sure he is doing it just to get a rise out of intellectuals. Scratch a liberal and the 'Kipper is often not far beneath the surface.

I know he's not a fan of religion per se, yet still seems to follow something 'religious' which has always confused me as to his actual beliefs. Although he's commented on various religions it's Islam that does seem to be more of a preoccupation for his ire. And this is where I don't see him as intelligent in that subject as he only really focuses on what he sees a a negative, focusing on something attributed to a religion and not the religion itself, for example the Burkha which is seen as belonging to Islam but actually is more of a 'custom' and for many women it's seen as a form of 'liberation' (yes I'm fully aware in some places the complete opposite is a reality) than it is anything to do with a religion.

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