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I'm so confused.....
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Re: I'm so confused.....
Nov 16, 2015, 19:21
dhajjieboy wrote:
billding68 wrote:
billding68 wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
billding68 wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
billding68 wrote:
Julian Cope said....
The return of incredibly patriarchal religions. I don’t mean that about Islam because everyone knows I’m totally anti-Islam.
He is also anti Christianity to be fair but all you protectors of the faith of Islam you do realize that you are at a site that is dedicated to a man who is a Against the religion of Islam...Right? So by supporting Mr. Cope you are helping support his anti Islam agenda(haha) so for that I thank you. Perhaps some of you did not realize this again Julian said...
The return of incredibly patriarchal religions. I don’t mean that about Islam because everyone knows I’m totally anti-Islam.

Declaring to be against something vs. having an "agenda" against said stance are 2 completely different things. I would not at this point expect a openly nihilistic asshole such as yourself to understand that concept though.
Seriously though, you really have the utter termerity to speak another's mind for them on an issue like this...?
What an utter troglodyte you have revealed yourself to be.


Talk of Irony
Assholes like you spouting your shit on a website by an anti Islamic thinking youre so clever and not realizing the founder of the website youre on is against the very thing your trying to protect.(idiot) I'm hoping the terror hits your own home soon we will see how you will change your tune you fucking piece of garbage. BTW one of the dead is from my own hometown here in California. So the chances of these fuckers hitting near you is just as likely I only hope its someone you hold dear to your heart or perhaps it will happen to you that would be just a good. Go fuck your self you mother fucking pussy ass cocksucker.

This is worth saving for posterity.

Poor doucheboy acting the victim yet again! This is not the first time you've taken this route shake the hornets nest then cry foul when you get stung. FUCK YOU TROLL!

Not just save it put it on your tombstone dick!

Only victim is you.

You are garbage and a bully and that's why I am so full of disgust with you, asshole! you have tormented others on this site to the point that they give up and leave...that wont happen with me you fucker! why don't you tell the good people here of your dialog with Lawrence you know the guy with a form of autism who you chided and tormented until he left? You're not some "good guy" you're a fucking bottom dweller! Go fuck off now troll you're about as relevant as the bottom of a shoe. you are nothing more than a troll you know it as does MANY of the people who frequent this site..and those who might not know look at doucheboys previous encounters with a former member named Lawarence this poor guy was pushed to the brink by this scumfucker. this douche is nothing more than a troll who has been kicked off for being a troll only to return under a different name to continue his games.
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