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police thugs
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Re: third reason for the thread
Apr 10, 2009, 14:19
The thing is, there *are* things that can be said in common of the police that don't apply to the comparisons made on the thread, such as 'all muslims are terrorists'.

To be a police officer is to say that you should be put in a privileged position, that you will use whatever force it takes to enforce the laws handed down to you.

As I've already said, on the assumption that the people making laws aren't infallible and don't act on altruistic motives, that's dubious. To do it irrespective of your own feelings, and irrespective of whether the law does more harm than good is simply moral bankruptcy.

There are undoubtedly some good people in the police force, but they are compelled by their role to hang up their morals when ordered.

If they would at least stick to their duty - to uphold the law without fear or favour using the minimum force required, and to report colleagues who fail to do so - it would be a start.

In the case in point, that would mean hundreds of officers turning themselves in after the G20. Yet only four have done so over the Ian Tomlinson attack (even though there are more than that in shot), and it seems none have done for any other incident elsewhere. That is a damning indictment of every officer (but four) who saw or used excessive force on that day.

As I said earlier, I really used to do all the dialogue thing with them, but I've been worn down by the endless brutality, double standards, the petulant response to anything that disobeys them, the non-existance of the correct response as outlined above, the commitment to upholding their authority instead of the law, let alone justice.
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