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police thugs
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Re: police thugs
Apr 09, 2009, 10:29
dave clarkson wrote:
I believe that the police shown should be accountable and dealt with appropriately. This is very sad and they should be ashamed of themselves.

This implies that it's just the occasional bad officer. Look again at the video of Ian Tomlinson. Look at the casualness of the officer who attacks him. Look how the colleagues are completely unsurprised.

do you think this is the only time that officer behaved like that? Do you think the colleagues didn't do the same thing? When these officers reached the crowd, what do you think they did?

Then look at the climate camp film. Every single officer is behaving like that. It is not them acting on 'private motivations', they have clearly had orders to do that. What sort of thing do you think is being said to the group of officers being briefed at the start of the film?

dave clarkson wrote:
I've never 'asserted' this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Yes you have. Twice in this thread.

dave clarkson wrote:
I don't believe, as you appear to suggest, that they purposefully go out of their way to knock people around.

dave clarkson wrote:
Batons are always a last resort so I believe

That's unambiguous to me.

dave clarkson wrote:
The clip has no barring on my continual view that the 'collective' force, I believe, don't, on the whole, purposefully go out to knock people around.

In day to day policing? No, I completely agree, that clearly doesn't happen. Of course, because everyone can see their weaponry and know they can arrest you under the I Don't Like your Face Act, they rarely need to use violence.

But what I'm getting at here - and please engage with this if nothing else, Dave - is that on certain protests it is clearly the strategy to use unprovoked violence.

dave clarkson wrote:
I've been on plenty of marches and demos and not seen police brutality.

Me too! so the question is, what's different about the other ones? At the ones that turn nasty that I've been on, without exception, there's been the deployment of riot officers into peaceful protest and an attack on the protesters.

Usually, some of the protesters have responded by chucking stuff. But then, if the cops did that anywhere with a large group of people- railway station, shopping centre, you name it - they'd get the same response.

It is a strategy used on certain protests, ones that have been deemed politically unacceptable.
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