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suave harv
suave harv
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Re: An Apology To Mr Tones and Mr Clarkson
Apr 09, 2009, 23:45
geoffrey_prime wrote:
As a pleb, I am astonished to learn of this sinister "biscuit board" and the nature of some of the discussions thereon. This puts a lot of things into perspective; such as a number of contributors appearing as intolerant elitist self-appointed elders.....but this secret board certainly undermines the liberal and open attitude which the forum tries to portray.
Ho-ho, I never cease to be amazed by this forum!

I've seen this happen on forums before. A discussion is on one forum, yet on another board certain people involved with discussion on the first forum are saying 'did you see what such and such said' and 'I'm going to say such and such to so-and-so'.
People big each other up and when they re-appear on forum one their opinions are turbo-boosted.
And of course, there's the inevitable name-calling that always seems to happen between the clique, yet never appears on the more public forum. I've seen it on Astronomy groups and music groups before. Probarbly because I tend to join loads of forums and browse lots, hardly posting.

I browse here a lot, but hardly post. By the way, I think Mr Tones nailed it in his 22.20 post. Third paragraph.
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