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police thugs
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dave clarkson
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Re: police thugs
Apr 07, 2009, 12:42
" The same officer who is all 'you'll find a lot of us agree with you, my daughter's a vegetarian you know' will, 20 minutes later, put on a helmet and batter the head of anyone who happens to be near them."

I think your tone is incredibly patronising and condescending here and is a gross generalisation - as if all cops are like the keystone ones!

I've met many police officers who are helpful, understanding and more freethinking than you give them credit for. There's some bad ones yes and I'm not making any excuses for those incidents which may eventually fall against them at G20 but you have to understand that there will be a few who lose their cool in dangerous and confrontational situations. I don't believe, as you appear to suggest, that they purposefully go out of their way to knock people around.

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