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police thugs
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Re: police thugs
Apr 08, 2009, 15:10
dave clarkson wrote:
". Do you bother doing any of these things?

Why yes, lets all bang our heads against that brick wall again, I mean, its worked so well in the past hasn't it ? I remember a judge saying 'I'm not going to prosecute police officers' sometime ago after an event now referred to as 'The battle of the beanfield'. It wasn't a new development, it was the only time where I actually remember the legal system being honest about the futility of trying to get any kind of redress though.

If you do really have a political masters then why are you posting such crass reactionary knee jerk wank ? Every right we have from universal suffrage onwards has not come from a letter writing campaign now has it ? Fucking hell, surely you at least have a grasp of revolutionary theory, that a few of the people you're arguing with here subscribe too yeah ? If you do, you also understand where such ideas and approaches come from too, which means that yes, they do bother, have bothered, and it didn't work, hence they're taking different approaches. Using solely reformist tactics to change a system ? It's not got much of a history of working now has it ?

A lot of us here have witnessed and felt police brutality. You obviously haven't. So, much like you telling us to stfu because hey, here in the first world life is peachy, it aint Turkey or Zimbabwe now is it ? Let me now invite you to also stfu as you obviously have no experience on the subject. You also seem to have a rather odd view of politcal history/struggle.

The current police tactic of containment of demonstrations, followed by the odd baton charge/swing (as opposed to the old method of snatch squads) is entirely about destroying public protest, it's about nothing else. It is about halting protests, it is about making protest pointless or too frightening for those who would wish to do it. Same goes for their filming of the protestors, and photographing of them, arresting them on the way to demonstrations, blocking roads, turning back buses. It is definitely not about maintaining public order.
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