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Edited Apr 08, 2009, 17:38
Apr 08, 2009, 12:49
Jim Tones wrote:

U.K. Anarchists?
No such thing , more like Bone Idle Middle-Class Wankers who more often than not have a fear of proletarian folk if the truth be known!

Not sure if class or intellectual onanism are necessarily guaranteed signs of poseur Anarchism (especially as there's so much of it about) but there seems to be an awful lot of flag-following for a movement that is supposedly geared towards engendering a culture of self-administration.

I am all for people taking responsibility for their own shit and living in a loving, fearless, non greedheaded manner but few people have the bravery or the work-ethic for that much freedom. It's a little like the indie label thing. You have to work harder, with more intelligence and be more committed than those working within "the system". Independence is not a licence for extended periods on the sofa. Not unless someone else is paying for your sloth and if someone else is paying for it then you're just another cog in the capitalist gangbang. Which rather begs the question.

As for any latent Fear Of A Chav Planet not sure that's restricted to any one political movement. All political gangs strike me as being a bullwark against the fear of one imaginary group threat or another. If we were really intent on saving ourselves as a species then we'd be too fucking busy to worry about shit like that.
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