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police thugs
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Re: police thugs
Apr 08, 2009, 11:25
Merrick wrote:
dave clarkson wrote:
Batons are always a last resort so I believe

that's very similar to another belief of yours.

dave clarkson wrote:
I don't believe, as you appear to suggest, that they purposefully go out of their way to knock people around.

I saw different dozens of times last Wednesday. I personally mopped the pissing blood from the head of a woman at the Heathrow climate camp who had been batoned for being beside a fence.

Of course, maybe I'm just a pathological liar whose mum ran off with a copper or something.

So, watch the film. The bit where the copper batons Ian Tomlinson from behind without warning. (1min 20sec)


if that was 'one bad officer', why did none of his colleagues pull him back, or indeed respond in any way? Do you really think that was the only incidence of it that day and it just happened to be caught on video? Or does the casual manner in a calm environment imply it is common practice?

And, if it's one bad officer, they must be cloning themselves to do this


This, I point out to you for the third time in the hope you'll actually watch it and consider what it shows (the clue is in the chant of 'this is not a riot') before asserting that this stuff doesn't happen.

All of those coppers are equally as guilty. I am a supporter of the police, and will defend them as much as humanly possible (sorry). But, these actions are an utter fucking disgrace.

When you add to that the fact that he wasn't even there as a protester (not that it would have mattered - what they did was wrong, be it a bystander, a protester, or Jack the fucking ripper) - it just defies belief.

I am a huge supporter of the ploice, have a very good reason to be, but these bastards need to be found and charged.

Drives me mad, I always talk about how good the police are, then something like this happens and makes me look a cunt (you don't need to agree there Merrick, me old buddy, i'll take it as implied!)
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