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the doubting vegan
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the doubting vegan
Sep 02, 2000, 22:29
It's a few short months since I made the ill-fated remarks that all vegans are seriously strange, and was taken to task by Merrick and others. I haven't changed my views about strangeness, but I have "gone over to the other side" and have been vegan for the last 4 weeks now. Just thought I'd share some observations...
Firstly, I feel better, have lost a few kilos that I couldn't shift before, and feel much more aware of things going on (animal-death wise) around me. I've also found myself more environmentally aware in general.
It hasn't been as difficult or restrictive as I thought it would be to give up dairy- and I've come across quite a few new recipies.
I've definately been eating more healthily-not least cos I have to take my lunch into work (canteens don't cater much for veggies let alone vegans). Missing out refined sugar has been one of the most awkward things - means I can't eat a lot of the sauces/prepared foods/breakfast cereals I considered OK before. The other restriction has been in eating out, which is very hard (but not impossible - the 13th Note Cafe in Glasgow is just dandy). So I guess it's onwards and upwards- I'd like to think I could continue this path indefinately, and I am surprised by that.
Love to all

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