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the doubting vegan
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Annexus Quam
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Re: Iron, Zinc, B12
Sep 19, 2000, 23:11
so if the environmental reasons do not put you off meat then nothing else will !

the corporate treatment of animals as objects for consumption is a Disgrace. Again, it is a question of the lack of love and (w)hol(l)y in the plastic lives of most breadheads, who happily drag along in a river of slime before they declare: "life is so short", "we all have to die" or "this world is shit".

if an animal is offering its meat to me then I accept it and thank its spirit, and even kill it myself with my own hands. To be disgusted by this act and then roll the bloody flesh between your fingers is a puzzling and clinically corporate lie.

the shit pumped into them that is supposed to make them fat and luscious should be another reason in its own right for boycotting the meat industry.

and even then if all was organic meat I would have difficulty eating meat because of only ONE vitamin, which can be replaced - awkwardly or not. Symetrically, animal fat is harder than veg fat to digest and not quite healthy.

natural? the argument I have always heard is that our canines have never been as developed as carnivorous animals. instead we have teeth that crush, not teeth that rip.

always been omnivorous? depends when you start the counting from... the hominid species has been vegetarian during most of its million year existence and only shily started converting to meat-eating in the guise of scavengers in search of the nutrients in animal bone marrow, probably due to environmental reasons or catastrophe.

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