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the doubting vegan
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Re: the doubting vegan (iron)
Sep 15, 2000, 22:58
Getting enough iron is dead easy. Most dark green leafy veg has loads of it in.

But the simplest way to get a constant source is to use iron pans. They're readily available second hand cos people buy them thinking they look quaint and old fashioned, then dislike using them cos they're heavy and they rust. So they sit around for years and then go to market stalls/charity shops/etc.

The rust thing is easily avoided. When you wash the pan dry it using heat on the hob, then wipe a smear of oil round it.

After a while iron pans develop a natural non-stick suface too, provided that you don't use metal cutlery on them or clean them with abrasive scrubbers.

Just using them puts plenty of readily metabolisable iron in your food. This was discovered in World War 2 when a hospital had a particularly poor death rate. After checking everything they realised that most hospitals used iron cookware, but one was using enamelised pans, and thus people who'd lost a lot of blood and needed loads of iron weren't getting it.

so now you know.

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