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Re: Iron, Zinc, B12
Sep 21, 2000, 19:24
I take your point about cat owners making choices - I admit that it strikes be as somewhat paradoxical to be buying meat for my cat and not for me- I would not plan to replace said cat when he dies for this reason.
As for the B12 issue - firstly I'll admit to sloppy data sourcing out of a book without bothering to review the literature. I will however stand by the assertion that clinically important B12 deficiency is relatively uncommon in vegans in the UK, who eat an otherwise balanced diet and who do not have other medical problems which increase the risk of B12 deficiency - eg gastritis. I concede that measurable deficiencies of B12 are commoner in both vegetarians and vegans but these are not necessarily of clinical importance. However the number "15" isn't one I want to defend. For those interested, check out:


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