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the doubting vegan
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Razor Penguin
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Re: Iron, Zinc, B12
Sep 21, 2000, 00:20
You're missing my point, a23. Of course cats can't make a moral choice; they don't have reflective consciousness. Nature has made them into marvelous hunters through no fault of their own. The people who keep them and allow them to run amok are the ones responsible for the destruction they do, and many of these people are vegetarians who don't realize the irony.

As for your B12 data, I don't know where you got it, but it's absurdly innacurate. I myself had a B12 deficiency, and I doubt I'm included in those stats. It's nowhere near that uncommon.

The thrust of my argument is that many of the activities we're all participating in & talking about daily on this site are every bit as harmful as meat-eating. In the interest of balance I ventured to point this out.

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