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Trethevy Quoit...Cornwall's Megalithic Masterpiece
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Re: Trethevy Quoit...Cornwall's Megalithic Masterpiece
Apr 03, 2013, 20:00
Lubin wrote:

You do it by firstly not believing what you are always told by your peers if something doesn't appear to be right. One 'expert' after another copies each others work because they are lazy and don't even attempt to see it differently yet become icons in the archaeological world and much respected. Open your eyes, look for alternatives and don't be afraid to break the mould. We amateurs only have our eyes, brains and downright common sense compared to what the professional has at their disposal. Use them!
Bye all. Roy

Sorry to se you are leaving Roy as I have found your post well worth reading. It is very true what you say most of the "so called experts" are all afraid to think out side of the box but the comments they give are still only speculation as we will never really know how or why these stone objects were built. It is down to people like yourself who are willing to have a go and add a different viewpoint that make it more interesting, and hopefully will be of use to finding out the whys and hows in the future.
It is a great pity certain people who come on this forum only seen to want to make trouble and not add anything of interest or even post on M.A. It only seem to be this forum where it happens as I've can't remember anything like it on the other three.[/quote]

Lubin , the "so called experts " approach for me is no more helpful than " "ignorant amateurs " . I have heard the former since I was a kid and tends to be suggestive of a chip on the shoulder whilst the latter smacks of snobbery . However statistically experts tend to be better informed at their subject than amateurs and you do get expert amateurs and all get it wrong sometimes . Surely what matters is the quality not it's source .
Similarly "thinking outside the box " which used to be "think laterally " or appeals to "common sense" , "use your brains " are no more helpful and essentially meaningless . How often has common sense been shown to be wrong ,and who's common sense ,every idiot thinks they use their common sense . What might be "thinking out of the box " for one will be "common sense " or obvious to another .
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