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Trethevy Quoit...Cornwall's Megalithic Masterpiece
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Edited Apr 01, 2013, 23:09
Re: Similarities elsewhere?
Apr 01, 2013, 23:07
tiompan wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Trethvy is the easily the closest to Zennor including an ante chamber stone , the one with the padstone .

It's not an anti-chamber stone, it's part of the main structure. LOOK at the top of it and the straight upright edge.

Why is not an ante-chamber stone ? it doesn't have to be separated from the main structure .

It doesn't belong there George. It has been 'borrowed' from the main structure and being used as a buttress. We've been here before. The anti-chamber idea is a myth at Trethevy. Stones are not where they should be.

That is only what you believe Roy , others think differently . If it were a buttress why remove it from the structure when it would make more sense to leave it and bring in a buttress from outside and set it like a buttress rather than at the angle the ante chmber is found . There are precedents for ante chamber stones including one nearby , where are the precedents for buttresses ?

Others only think differently George because they have not researched the quoit correctly. I know it sounds an outrageous claim but its true. I'm not giving everything away, why should I? I repeat yet again. Take a long hard look at the 'buttress' stone. It belongs elsewhere. Put it back where it came from and you have no ante-chamber/porch whatever all the old boys said we had. We hadn't. You ask 'Where are the precedents for buttresses'? Everywhere when a structure begins to collapse. When Paul gets his book he'll probably tell you. Mind you he'll spoil it for everyone else then :-)
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