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Trethevy Quoit...Cornwall's Megalithic Masterpiece
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Re: Similarities elsewhere?
Apr 01, 2013, 21:19
What makes you think they were just stone? what i've seen at Zennor would be better explained if it was wood, therefore avoiding the question where's the stone gone, which if it was would be loose and one of the first to go anyway, i just feel it was wood, that's why most portal tombs don't have much in them, because it rotted long long ago, after the place fell into disuse and the last wood had rotted, leaving the stone we see to this day, have you been taken in by that stones for the dead, wood for the living stuff, another theory for the stones looking the wrong way round could be to hold logs and seal everything, we just don't know, it's just another way of seeing the places, i like it because it explains why the sidestones are often that way around, why there's only normally a few broken pot shards in the ground from broken pots, everything else has gone, similar places in portugal have loads inside because of the dryer climate, and also it makes the chambers very sealed while in use, these places do often have wooden postholes around the forecourt as well, a longbarrow in the Lincolnshire wolds had 9 posts and 9 burials, surely one post put up for each dead person buried in the barrow, the posts were from different times and weren't put up at the same time, wood was for the dead as well, lincolnshire proves this because even though there is stone in the wolds they used wood for their barrows.
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