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Regular Non obscure music
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Edited Oct 08, 2013, 08:51
Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 08, 2013, 08:25
Popel Vooje wrote:
IanB wrote:

The discography police were then reduced to waiting for some poor innocent to come along and declare their love of Eric Clapton or Bob Seger or some other 70s or 80s rocker still to be rehabilitated by the critics. Then the knives could safely come out. Even easier if their politics didn't quite fit either.

Hmmm - if you're referring to what I think you're referring to, that's not quite how I remember it. I think the knives came out for one particular poster because of that person's rudeness, aggression, self-righteousness and fondness for playing off other posters against each other than for their taste in music or for their politics. I've seen people on here who've admitted to liking music that's just as popular-but-unhip as Clapton or Seger who haven't been flamed about it because their posts were more civil. A poor innocent? That's what he'd have you believe.

My point was less about the bullying and more about the ossification of taste into something with frontiers to be defended and what that does to us as consumers.

I hear you on the rest. There is going to be happy mix of personalities and within that there are going to be people you wouldn't want to share a pint with.

For what it is worth my recollection of that particular chap's HH comings and goings is that, however much his political and social outlook might have been anathema, he was as much sinned against as sinning when it came to issues of musical taste. I couldn't say what came first. You may well be right, I remember it differently.

That said there has been a minority of people using these pages in the past who have shored up their sense of security in their own hipness by questioning the taste of others who perhaps strayed over here by accident mistaking it for a place where the cool-o-meter would not be relevant. Ironic given that the Post Punk era was a time when everything was supposedly allowable and a time when indie had yet to turn into a set of styles and was still primarily an opportunity to deal with the economics of music in different way from the past.

All that said this is a much nicer place to read and write about music than most others I have visited.

Anyway it is I think time to take a cue from the Big O ...

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