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Regular Non obscure music
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Robot Emperor
Robot Emperor
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Edited Oct 07, 2013, 11:54
Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 07, 2013, 11:53
stray wrote:
Robot Emperor wrote:

But their grandads persist in thinking they can make relevant new music. Using your logic shouldn't they give up?

I also dislike the notion that there is any moral dimension to the music I choose to listen to and when it was made. Fuck off, none of your business.

I was joking in the original post, but thought I'd carry on playing along. If you care to browse posts further up you'ld see I commented that I listen to a lot of Blues from the 1920s.

I agree with the 'fuck off' sentiment, I'm aiming my comments at Ian who is the one passing judgement on others taste, the value of their taste, and the value of music, here.

You're actually making exactly the same point that I'm making.

Sorry, was just moving some incorrectly parked tanks. That was a non aggressive "fuck off", tend to use them instead of punctuation in conversation, or just as I pause to gather my thoughts. If I'm honest it's an involuntary tic.

This thread made a pleasant change, as noted by a friend of mine who posts here, that some actual opinions were aired - we should give up on polite discussion more often.

Sorry about your lawn.
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