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Regular Non obscure music
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Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 06, 2013, 21:07
Sin Agog wrote:
Charlie2300 wrote:
This is all getting very personal and polarised, people. I dislike personal invective aimed at other members of the Unsung forum. Unsung contributors are, almost by definition, passionate about the music they support through personal taste...and that's cool. We all have our opinions and, by and large, they're all valid. Live and let live.


Really?! I had a think about this...I'm not old enough to have been part of the original hippie movement and in the den, orthodox belief holds that the entire Haight-Ashbury scene was about as radical and useful as a chocolate ashtray. This is a musical prejudice predominantely because I've always liked the sounds from black boxes, noise generators, synths etc and that appeared to be totally absent from that scene (recently, I discovered "Fifty Foot Hose", the exception to the rule, although only loosely part of the Haight-Ashbury scene). No worries about long hair, outlandish clothes etc, but the practicalities of 'free love' has always been off the agenda for me; too shy for that.
But the crunch is the mantra "Peace and Love". That's not applicable to Homo Sapiens. We're a barbaric species beyond a critical mass as history has shown time and time again. A decent enough bunch in small groups, but don't pack them too close together or the knives will come out.
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