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Regular Non obscure music
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 04, 2013, 16:57
IanB wrote:
Sin Agog wrote:
IanB wrote:
I am sure you must have wondered what someone else was hearing in something they love but is absolutely mystifying to you. Could that not be down to the fact that the actual activity of searching out and buying the artifact might be satisfying in itself and that the actual music could not help but be enjoyable with that kind of opiated thrill behind it?

Or...could it also be they just like something you don't like? They have different sensibilities borne from leading different lives. Stop trying to explain away other people's tastes because they don't match up with yours. The vast majority of music-listeners aren't feigning passion. They genuinely adore the music they love. This objectivism is objectionable. Every person is a different world.

Yes both is possible. Of course. All the time and that cuts both ways. People listening to mainstream music aren't faking it either. I am just saying music (even the cool bits) is not immune from consumerist impulses. I've been there and bought the box set(s) that now gather dust. As have most of us here have I would imagine.

I've probably done that a fair few times in the past, but I could never go so far as to convince myself I love something I don't. That dizzying euphoria when you want to keep on playing a thing at every opportunity because you love the world you're in while the record is playing- I could never make that up. I've had those affairs with the mainstream and the underground, the new and the old. I don't really think of music as a product of a time and place so much as a transportation to a variety of worlds via the medium of sound, but I'll accept that's probably not an especially common attitude, though not quite rare either. I'm not really qualified to say what drives other people towards music, but I do know that a pose alone can't inspire a person to spend day-in, day-out with a piece of music. Well, unless they're really, really desperate to get noticed.
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