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Regular Non obscure music
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Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 04, 2013, 15:50
IanB wrote:

I don't like the politics of CC because at heart many of its exponents that I have conversed with do not seem to respect any other way of working. They see other ways of working as an act of submission to capitalism and the market. At best.

er... so you spoke to some idiots then *shrug*. Maybe you should have taken the time to do your own research. Reminds me of the time recently you were waxing on about the dance scene as was until you admitted you knew virtually nothing about it. Then you did go proper 'get off my lawn', with an 'I have these albums (list), I'm happy and need no more' or something like that. Fair enough. But fustrating.

A lot of this, and we've seen this discussion before with you, boils down.. to put it simply 'Everything is Shit.'.. 'But, Ian, what about..'.. 'Nope, that will be shit too'. :) Its a position a lot of us are guilty of sometimes. Modern culture and age does that to all of us. I'm just begging for less divisive and elitist bollocks is all, that's the real problem with music at the moment (if there is a problem, which I don't think there is).

You complained about the positive review because the reviewer mistakingly attributed certain content as such and such, whereas if they actually knew their music properly they wouldn't have done that. That's um.. an unhealthy attitude to have to a willing audience for me.
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